We are always thankful for the time and dedication our coaches put into our teams at Merrylands SFC. Many of whom are parents with little to no experience in the game.

As part of the new guidelines from Football NSW, all coaches require a Working With Children Check (WWCC) regardless of whether your child is in your team (which was an exception in the past)

For information on how to apply for your WWCC number, see the website.

Working with Children Check

Coaching in 2020

To reward the coaching volunteers at our club and to help improve their abilities, Merrylands SFC is introducing a new initiative in 2020 by awarding Tax-Free Club Honorariums.

To be eligible for the payment, coaches are to meet the requirements set out below

  • Registered on the PlayFootball and selected as coach by Merrylands SFC prior to Round 1
  • Financial with the club for any other registrations, including children prior to Round 1
  • Certified Coaching Certificate obtained within the preceding 4 years prior to Round 1
    • U6 – U8 – Miniroos Certificate
    • U9 – U12 – Skill Training Certificate
    • U13 – U16 – Game Training Certificate
    • U17 – AA – Senior Coaching Certificate
  • A Verified Working With Children Check (U6 – U18) prior to Round 1
  • Coach to remain in the position of the team until season conclusion

To find when and where your next coaching certificate course is, see the Football NSW website

Payments and Deductions:

  • Honorarium payment equal to the teams relevant registration fee + the cost of the relevant Coaching Course incurred for the year
  • ¼ of registration fee deducted for each forfeited game
  • ½ of registration fee deducted for player red card due to violent conduct
  • Full registration fee deducted for abandonment of game and found by judiciary to have contributed to its cause
  • Full payment to be made at the conclusion of the season (Coaching Course costs will be reimbursed regardless of deductions)
  • Multiple payments can be made if you coach more than one team (eg. One Junior + one senior team), as long as requirements are fulfilled for each team.
  • Only one coach per team will be paid the honorarium

Examples :

  • U6 Miniroos Coach would receive $130 (cost of Miniroos certificate is free)
  • U10 Coach would receive $250 ($150 rego + $100 course)
  • U16 Coach, that forfeited one game, would receive $250 ($200 rego + $100 course – $50 forfeit fine)
  • Senior Coach would receive $420 ($320 + $100)
  • Senior Coach, that had one player red card for violent conduct would receive $260 ($320 rego + $100 course – $160 fine)